Four Playing Knights  Chess Classes

 - Affiliated with US Chess Federation (USCF)

Chess Level



Beginner Level I

Beginner Level II

New to chess, does not know pieces move and rules or have never played before.

Goal: To know basic chess rules.

Knows basic chess moves or has played at home. No prior chess classes/coaching.

Goal: Master chess rules and opening principles and can confidently finish games without making any illegal move
Has completed Beginner level I, or has USCF rating < 300 and can confidently finish games without making any illegal moves.

Goal: Know most basic tactics, start playing in chess tournaments.

Intermediate Level I

Intermediate Level II


Has completed Beginner level II and/or knows how to use basic tactics. USCF rating 300-500.

Goal: Know couple of openings, use tactics to win material.
Has completed Intermediate Level I and/or USCF rating between 500-800.

Goal: Skillfully utilize the tactics to win games, checkmates efficiently and improve chess rating.
Has completed Intermediate Level II and/or SCF rating > 800.

Goal: Able to analyze a position, prepare and plan for attack or defense.

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